Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga

Have you ever wondered how you would achieve a full life?  For many it would have money, for others power.  Some would ask for a great recognition in their work or profession.  Others would prefer a prodigious mind  or, if this is not very clever and also you live in Spain,  engage in politics, have an important position  and a card with no spending limit, paid by the taxpayers.

But how many people could get that?  Very few succeed and also, as a wise man once said, the process is always the same:  “When you’re walking you wants a bike,  when it has already achieved, you start to hate pedaling and what you want is a car, then a bigger house, then a yacht and,  when you already have all these things, the most that you want is to be young again. ” But not everybody is so ambitious.

Many only intend to lead a normal life.  Their philosophy is join money and life.  Make a living and, at the same time, enjoy the most of their existence.  As we all know this group has now days more obstacles  thanks to the many efforts of the state, laws and politicians mafia. Frustration is the reason because most of these people,  start to lose  hope and enthusiasm  and seek to spend their hours in whatever disguise their despair.

Years ago were drugs or alcohol.  Today the man has created endless ways to escape from reality,  such technology that allows living in the screen of your mobile instead in the real world.  Other people have misunderstood the idea of positive thinking  (I stick my head under the earth, like the ostrich, and I just see what I want).

Even yoga and many other practices, in principle with infinite benefits,  can also be for many a cave to shelter.  Siddhartha, the main character of the book of Herman Hesse,  a  priest’son who left his house looking for knowledge.   For some time he was meditating and living a “samana” life (people that lives out of the world),  but one day he said :”we are not very different from drunkards, who often drink to escape from reality.” But my understanding of tantra yoga  connects more with the one described in the next paragraph of this book.

In which Siddhartha is looking for work and has a job interview with a trader. “What can you do?”, asks the trader “I can meditate, wait and fast”, replies Siddharta “And what is it for? Fasting, for example, why is it useful?” “It’s very helpful, sir. When a man has nothing to eat, the smart thing is fasting.  If, for example, Siddhartha had not learned to fast, now it will have to accept any job, at home or elsewhere. But Siddhartha can wait calmly, can withstand the siege of hunger long time, and laugh over it.  For that, sir, serves the fast. ” There are also other group of people, that believes they can change things,  things and they do not need to be give up, and far away from political or social improvements which are very necessary, the real change must come from oneself.

Months ago, I saw in Opera Square, in Madrid,  a man sitting in the lotus position with a banner that said: “The exit is inside”. “Dancing in the storm,”  the slogan of my website, is what many yogis, scientists and philosophers believe is our mission on earth.  Trying to be happy in the middle of chaos.  If one gets it, I think he could say to himself that he is living a full life. The big question is then how to dance in the middle of the storm?

Surely there will be more than one way.  But now I will explain why tantra yoga is one of the best surfboards for the type of waves you will find nowadays. The question I have formulated at the beginning of the video,  how to achieve a fulfilling life is the same question, raised thousands of years ago, by a few men  who met in the Himalayan mountains to meditate  on man’s inability to be happy and have a healthy living, physically and mentally.

These visionaries, after much meditation, designed four different versions of yoga  and a time scale, which astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, described as “as accurate as current scientific handlers to understand the origin of the universe”. Those wise men called the era we are living now as Kali Yuga or “dark ages”.  You can check those guys were not a bunch of fools or charlatans, reading how they describe the current era in the book Linga Purana. It would sound you familiar. They said: In the Kali Yuga dominate: -“conflict and confusion”; this is the order of the day -“the hypocrisy is considered good”; this is known today as “political language” -“the hypocrisy is considered good”; this is known today as “political language” -“Thieves become kings and kings thieves”; in Spain we know a lot about that. – “Power elite appropriate of public property and fail to protect people”; in Spain this phenomenon is known as political corruption (a daily new case) –

“People that begs and wanders in search of a job, is ever growing”; this is called now labor mobility -“Justice becomes inaccessible if there is no money to bribe”. -“Different world regions oppose each other”; in the interests of big business. -“Faith is outsourced. Some become obsessed and crazy with their individual belief systems”; Christianity 500 years ago, radical Islam now -“The rain is erratic, lacking water and fruits. There are severe droughts, climate is changing”.  -“The Earth produces almost nothing in some places and too much in others”, this is intensive agriculture and desertification -“Diseases, hunger and fear spread”. Let’s go to see this, Few days ago our ports politicians have realized that not meet health standards so-called “paperless” can lead to a problem of public health, fortunately have been devoted to politics, not medicine.

About hungry, you had you ever imagined that in Spain have problems of child malnutrition? This happened in the “third world”  As fear is evident that extends otherwise be incomprehensible that the major parties have engaged in corruption and plunder, continue to get votes. I don´t want to sound apocalyptic, just realistic,  but there is also a good thing to think about: every age has its problems but also provides weapons to deal with.  Tantra yoga has been designed precisely for this time,  because it is the one best suited to work with acceleration.

It’s like the bullet train of all yogas. If one takes it arrives quickly at his destination. After all this lot of  words I would like to performance an asana or yoga position.  Padmasana or “lotus position” means peace in the middle of the chaos, the same chaos you can see here a busy day. At this time you might be wondering who I am.  My name is Munindra Nath, more abbreviated, Muni,  and yoga has been part of my life since I was very young.  As a child I had various health related symptoms no doctor never knew where they came from.

So, they simply banned certain activities such as running. One day, when I was 12 years old, I was on a beach in Costa de la Muerte, Finisterre,  just inside an inflatable rowboat, about 200 mts. from the beach.   There were some waves and suddenly, I saw a larger wave formed in the distance.  this wave knock over the boat.  I must be about to die because it happened what happens to people who have been close to crossing the border.

I saw my life like a movie.  A very short film, just seconds, but in which they were registered all the smallest details.  When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the sand and had a handful of people watching me.  I remember I felt reborn, to be a completely different person for a few days, so it was.  From being a shy and introverted child I went to greet people on the street and talk to everyone, even strangers.

My parents were amazed. After experiencing this “high” and discover that one could go through life differently, I started looking, without really knowing why, until one day he walked into a bookstore where hormones of a 15 year old boy were attracted to an exhibitor with magazines such Playboy or Penthouse.  Among these magazines there was a misplaced book about Taoism, energy and sexual practices.  That reading introduce me in the world of energy and then take me to know the tantra yoga.  At that time, in Spain, yoga was not fashionable, and just practiced by some crazy people.

That was the reason I began to haunt the idea of going to the roots and travel to India. I worked doing surveys, the first and only job as an employee I’ve done in my life,  until I got half the money to travel to India, a friend of mine gave me the other half. When I arrived to India, I thought it was the greatest circus I have ever imagined. The wellness market wasn`t already born  but for not too much money you had flat rate and direct connection with enlightenment,   so I had to look outside the usual channels and headed north, to the state of Uttarakhand,  where I met a teacher who taught me Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, and tantra yoga.

My lessons were far away of asanas from 8-10 in the morning, in a room with air conditioning.  They were more unusual, such as the withdrawal of a month in the jungle where I had to be alone and sleep in a bivouac that I built with leaves and branches.  My only neighbours were the monkys who accepted me as a guest after turning around myself for 15 interminable minutes.  It seems that, in the area, also prowling a tiger.

My teacher told me that, if I found it, I must to become his friend and rode on it.  Fortunately, I never I found it.  Every day someone came to me with a ¼ liter of milk, almonds, coconut and water.  Intuitively I decided I would take the milk and almonds for breakfast, the coconut for lunch and the water for dinner.  Before Kegel exercises were in the mouth of all sexologists, I already worked with my perineum,  after my teacher, tired to explain where enigmatic muscle stood, put his hand between my testicles and anus.  Indian gurus have a great sense of humor, but they easily lost their patience. So from being a child who couldn´t running,  I became a person who practices with intensity, not only yoga,  but also different martial arts and becoming a black belt in Aikido.

But tantra yoga (with 5.000 years old) is more than a method to restore and maintain health,  eliminate stress or have more energy and vitality.   It is also a tool to improve mind and psychological attitudes and helpes to get in touch with feelings and emotional balance in life.  A way to be inside the body, well rooted in the earth, and be able to face daily pressures. A discipline to be present, attentive and relaxed. The ability to put myself in the place of another and communicate with those around me.  The ability do not feel hurt easily and not be afraid of life.

Tantra yoga is an excellent tool for psychological and physical integration. One of the basic principles of ayurveda says: “What is medicine for someone it’s poison for others “,  that is the reason why ayurvedic diagnosis invests so much time in determining the nature of each individual,  because that will said us what kind of food, climate, plants, routines, exercises, activity or relationships are better for each individual. Until recently there was the idea that health or disease, were like a lottery, something doesn’t depends on you.

But it is also true that scientists have begun to establish strong relationships between our diet, lifestyle and stress level with our chances of getting certain diseases.  Even begins to believe that genetics can also be changed, for better or for worse, by the environment.  These are good news because we move from being passive elements to take an active role in our well being.  When we are aware of this, yoga becomes a powerful tool.

For those who are allergic to the word “spirituality”, the incense,  the New Age (with all its good points but also its contradictions, lies and charlatans), I have good news: tantra yoga will not transform you into an idiot;  on the contrary , it will help you become what you really are, it will develop your potential.

Also I will tell you one thing, I do not fit the stereotype of what in the west world is supposed to be a yogi.  This has been an advantage for me, and allowed me to delve into the true Tantric essence.  like to drink a good wine or whiskey and go dancing all night,  because this is the true tantra yoga, not a sweetened substitute.  If you are someone who want to live and not survive,   I am not a yogi  that goes through life levitating, even if I’ve learned to levitate a little above my problems.

If you are someone who, before come here, want to live and not survive,  you may like this videos, in which I will explain many things relating to tantra yoga and ayurveda,  also about health, diet, antiaging, wellness, detox but also I will talk about the half-truths and lies disguised that invade us every day . And, why not? perhaps you will dance in the storm.