Tantra Yoga – Being an Instrument of Life – Sadhguru

Tantra Yoga

The nature of human mind is such that if we can distinctly create something in our mind, the next step would be to empower that with our life energies. If we can do that, that will become a living reality by itself. Most human beings have lost this power to be able to create, truly create, because mind has become listless and the life energies are not sufficiently organized to put it behind whatever you wish to.

The whole science of Tantra Yoga is just this. I know, in this part of the world, if I utter the word ‘Tantra’ people are thinking about acrobatic sexuality. It’s, it’s truly a sacrilege that people who generally visit India for a month or two at the most become experts in tantra and write books about it. Tantra means, literally means, a technology. Technology means technology is for creating what you want. If you…

The physical technologies that we know around us, they are all about creating physical situations the way we want it, and when we, when human minds try to create what they want they’ll ask for many things. Most of the time you would be fortunate if your prayers are not answered. Yes? If all your prayers were answered, your life would be truly a disaster. Fortunately most of them are not answered.

So tantra does not believe in creating what you want in terms of the physical existence around you, but is focused on what is generally considered – maybe you would call it paranormal in creating forms and identities which will function way beyond your own intelligence. So tantra essentially focused on creating a mind higher than myself; making an intelligence beyond my present capabilities to become available.

The process of creating this, the technology of making this happen was…what was known as tantric methods. In yoga it is known as Tantra Yoga; learning to use your body, your mind and your energies as just instruments of life. so that it becomes available to a much higher possibility, an intelligence which is way beyond human capabilities.