Steve P Explains White Tiger Tantra

Tantra White Tiger

White Tiger Tantra? Its a 5 DVD set that will teach you how to show women how to have orgasms. It teaches massage, traditional massage, my own protocols that are called Sensual Enhancement Massage. Places they don’t teach you in any massage school because it releases endorphins and oxytocins.

Then the other is the internal massage inside the vagina and on the outside of the vagina you also have to release that skin. So you get… if you’re talking about you know muscles inside the twat or up in the ass or stuff like that oh my god it’s the forbidden zone and all that. If you look at it like any other muscle if you have spasms you’re restricting the flow of blood. When you let the blood flow, you have nitric oxide, with nitric oxide you have an expansion or what they call in that region, its called engorgement. but when weight lifters pump up, they’re letting in nitric oxide so more blood flows through when you have more blood flowing through you have more neurological transmissions that are going I’ve taking women, like the women on these tapes, everyone of them came in, and these are young women I mean, I’ve worked with women up to 58, that thought, they go, “It’s broken. It doesn’t work.”

I go, “What a terrible belief.” We get letter all the time about people that are going to renew their vows, i mean, the people that want to do monogamous relationships or even guys that are doing multiple relationships I have about three shirts, they are just extra larges, so. Can we order them online? If you write me I have to get some more printed up.

But the cool thing about it if you do order the shirts you can wear the shirts out. I go to concerts and stuff women come up. Especially if you go to the college concerts and they’ll go, “What’s that?” You gotta understand something. If a woman is having screaming toe-curling, you know, earth shaking orgasms, she don’t give a fuck about your shirt. You got to understand most of these women aren’t having orgasms much past a drip system. They want to know how to be a fountain of love.

They want to kick down the floodgates of ecstasy they want to squirt like a fire hose, and I’m not talking to put out kitchen fires. if you start doing this kind of stuff with these women what will end up happening is they’ll go, they will have incredible screaming orgasms toe-curling, and they’ll just go, “Was that an accident or can that happen again?” I mean almost, and the other thing is sometimes they’ll cry because once you let their body flow like that where they have oxytocins and endorphins, all these repressed fears and angers and all this other stuff that’s been in their life, blow out.

Here’s a real trippy thing when they don’t use it because women think they’re peeing when they ejaculate, its the same thing that guys ejaculate minus sperm. I was doing my Ph.D. as a sex researcher the thing is, is that, here’s the thing, if women don’t ejaculate out and they hold it because, they press it back because they think they’re going to pee all over the guy what ends up happening is when they use a finger a dildo or a dick in them, it goes back through the one way pee valve and pushes that prosthetic fluid back into the bladder they get bladder infections. So the thing is is that what you do is and if they go, “Wait it feels like I’m going to pee.”

Guys piss and cum out of the same urethra they cum out of their urethra they don’t go, “Oh baby I think I’m going to piss.” And after about three or four times, and when they get the head trip see 90% of sex with women is in their head its like, if a women is all turned on, and part of it this is late, late research. Like this research started after a law suit in ’95, the thing is women were excluded from the sexual research studies because they had these monthly periods and they didn’t emit the same neurological chemicals inside them so what’d they do?

There was a law suit launched by male sex researchers. Well what they found out was that women actually or massively produce these things called oxytocins which are like the cuddle drug you know, but the thing is in order to let that be absorbed into the body you have to get them to where they’re moving form the parasympathetic nervous system they have to have endorphins rather than, its like this real plain language. If a woman has to do this that’s coming from adrenaline.

She’s going to shut off the seretonin re-uptake receptors its not going to be good. She might get a little drizzle, she might even get some splooge coming. It’s going to be minimized. When she comes to it from where she gets to do that. Where its her pleasure where she gets the opportunity to serve you or whatever then its coming from, its like, looking forward to opening the package its like wow this is going to be so great, its a shared moment and endorphins are flowing when that happens then all the other chemicals like dopamines and stuff come flowing through them, that’s all explained on the tapes if you’re interested in it.

The thing is, is that, a lot of guys go in and all they do is just go to the yang position yin position, and that will work but if its somebody that you really want to be connected with learn how to do a little bit of massage you know you can take a weekend massage course. Take Swedish or some deep tissue. Warm up the muscles and all that once you start learning how to not be afraid of touching and really moving through the muscles, then you can do it right with them on the tape. And the thing is when you wear the t-shirts, they’re looking at it and going, you gotta understand, they’re looking at something that’s going to give them more fulfillment.

If they’re asking you questions about this the only reason they’re asking that is they’re not happy they’re not content. Nothing builds self confidence like being sexually competent. When you know you can reach in there and pull on those spots and they’re going to squirt like fire hoses and start talking foreign languages they don’t even know or they’re start blurping out something and go, “Did I say that or was I just thinking it?” I mean you’ve taken them to a level of getting stoned on their own body chemistry.