Massage Services Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is a typical massage?

The typical massage is between 1 and 2 hours in duration. An ideal time frame for most people who are of average body type is 1.5 hours. This seems to allow plenty of time for a holistic approach to your physical and emotional needs. If you are of a larger body type or particularly athletic (such as a professional athlete), 2 hours is recommended.

Do I have to undress?

We highly recommend undressing fully to receive the full benefit of the massage. However, each client may undress to their comfort level. Disposable briefs, panties, and bras are available to protect the undergarments of both male and female clients.

Do I have to be draped?

No. Draping is optional. Fortunately the state of Texas allows the level of draping to be verbally agreed upon by the massage therapist and the client. All of our therapists are comfortable with any level of draping you might prefer, from no draping to very conservative draping. Some modalities such as Esalen require no or very minimal draping. Discuss your preference with your therapist on arrival.

Is there a restroom I can use?

Absolutely! Feel free to use the restroom before and/or after your appointment. If you need a bathroom break during your massage, simply tell me.

Is there a shower I can use?

Yes. The studio is equipped with an oversized shower for you to freshen up either before or after your massage or both.

After my massage what can I do to prolong my feeling of well being?

Drink plenty of water after your massage and if time permits, take a brief walk and allow yourself to be reminded of all the beauty the world has to offer. Give yourself permission to enjoy feeling calm and focused, don’t try and rush through the rest of your day.

Do you offer Out-call?

Not at this time. I only offer my services within my private studio.

Do you ever do special appointment times outside of your normal operating hours?

Yes with enough notice it may be possible to accommodate a request for a special appointment time. I (Rashida) live within a block of my studio at 909 Texas St in the Post Rice Lofts so I’m very close and convenient. It never hurts to call and ask, however, I’m usually not able to accommodate last minute requests. Notice of a week or more will increase the likely hood of being able to accommodate a special request for me or any other therapist as well.

What is your studio like?

  • A serene candlelight atmosphere that is completely private.
  • A private bathroom within the studio is equipped with an over sized shower and thick Turkish cotton towels.
  • Massage table with face cradle that has a heated fleece pad with 100% cotton felt sheets.
  • A large Tatami bed for Thai massage and guided meditation with 100% Egyptian cotton high thread count sheets.
  • Soothing music is delivered by Bose electronics.
  • A towel warmer provides hot moist towels for removing excess massage oils.
  • A valet station keeps your clothing wrinkle free.
  • A small cushy sofa (love seat size) provides a comfortable place to sit.

Where do I park?

Garage Parking:

  • Directly across the street from the Post Rice Lofts is the Chase Parking garage. There is an entrance on your right off Texas Street just before you cross Main Street. $10
  • Just past Main Street as you drive down Texas St you find a public parking garage entrance on your left. $8

Surface Lots:

  • Corner of Main Street and Texas Street (southwest corner) $8
  • Corner of Travis Street and Prairie Street (northeast corner) $8
  • Corner of Main Street and Prairie Street (northeast corner) $8

Valet Parking:

  • Valet parking is sometimes available directly in front of the Post Rice Lofts but usually only during the evening.
  • Valet parking is always available at the Lancaster Hotel (on your left on Texas Street two blocks before you reach Post Rice Lofts) $15
  • Valet parking is always available at the Magnolia Hotel (on your right on Texas Street two blocks past Main Street) $15

Note: Parking prices are subject to change and event activity. Please check signage carefully or ask a parking attendant when parking to determine current pricing.

How do I become a VIP Member?

If you’ve come to visit us within the last 60 days, you’re automatically considered a VIP member. There’s nothing to sign up for nor is there any kind of a contract commitment. Just come see us at least once every 60 days and you are a VIP Member!

Does Loelia Massage offer gift certificates?

Yes we offer gift certificates online. Click to purchase a gift certificate from Loelia Massage Studio.