About Us

Loeila Massage Studio Philosophy


It is my belief that everyone should pay attention to their whole self to relieve stress in their lives. That is why no two sessions are alike. Feel free to come to a session ready to begin meditation, massage, or just talk about your day. Feel free to ask for what you need. As a crisis counselor I know the need to talk through things with someone who will not judge or release your information. As a certified Health Educator I am aware of what stress can do to the body and the need to quiet the mind. And as a Licensed Massage Therapist I have been given the tools to attempt to relax, rejuvenate, and ease pressure in the muscles and joints. I truly care about everyone who lies on my table, sits on my mats, or sits in my chair. I hope that I am able to guide you on a wonderful journey that reduces your stress and increases your joy.

The Studio

The Loelia Massage Studio is a serene, candlelit, private facility located in the heart of downtown Houston. The oversized shower with soft, thick Egyptian cotton towels, large Tatami bed (for Thai massage & guided meditation) with high thread count cotton sheets, warmed massage table, soothing music delivered by Bose electronics, moist hot towels, a valet station to keep your clothes wrinkle free, and a cushy love seat, combine to create an immersive serene environment enabling you to relax and receive my positive energy transfer and nurturing care.

The Ideal Client

I work primarily with downtown Houston, white collar professionals who feel physical or emotional stress. I help them by providing a nurturing female therapeutic touch in a private, immersive serene environment. My degree in health care promotion, experience in crisis counseling, and massage skills provide my clients with the unique benefits of both physical pampering and emotional nurturing.

The Location

We are located in the heart of downtown Houston within the Central Business District on the corner of Texas Street and Main Street Houston, TX 77002. Please see the FAQs for parking information if you are driving to our location. If you are walking via the Houston tunnel system, emerge at the Chase Tower and cross the street toward the Sambuca Jazz Cafe. Please call the studio number once you are under the covered sidewalk in front of Sambuca or Azuma.