About Tantra-Massage

About tantra

A Tantra-Massage is a very intimate and protected space. The following scenes are therefore (realistically) simulated. What is Tantra? The most common definition you will find on the internet has mostly identical definition, that are mainly from the traditional Tantra. “loom, stretch, expand” is commonly used. But what is Tantra in real life?

In daily life? How does it work? What does it do? Can one learn it? Just to clarify: Tantra cannot be learned. Just as it is not possible to learn to become an artist, e.g. a creative pianist. As a future Tantric there are only some Basics to help you, e.g. some principles or techniques. That is helpful to start the tantric way. But only knowing those techniques will not make you a Tantric and only following a special technique will not transform a massage into a Tantra-Massage.

So I may answer your first question you might have: are there bad Tantra-Massages? No, there are none. But there are massages, that are named tantric but are not. Exactly from those masseurs, that only leaned any technique and left it there. Nothing wrong with that – those are maybe fantastic erotic massages. But not tantric massages. So – what is Tantra? What characterizes a Tantra-Massage? Well, in a nutshell: Tantra is the openess, willingness and ability to truly intercommune with the world, other people and yourself. That might include sexuality. But to reduce Tantra to that will lead on the wrong path. Tantra doesn’t exclude anything. BUT Tantra doesn’t include anything as such either.

It is an undefined space. A space, in which everything is possible, but nothing is mandatory. One opens up for the possibilities, that are right for everyone involved. And even more – one will learn to perceive what is coherent and harmonious AND will finde the courage to follow it. To allow it and to surrender to it. Or sometimes to renounce. And that will lead far beyond “only” the Tantra-Massage.

It is something that can be applied to the whole life. I encounter any situation and I feel perfectly clearly, if and in what way it is right for me. I might even overcome a prejudice or a fear and I will do exactly what is – and that may sound cheesy – but yes: I will do or renounce that, what serves love. What enriches myself and the world and will bring beauty.

So – if I only learn some techniques and convince myself, that this is Tantra, I am mistaken. But it can be a start for more exploring and experimenting. Always inside myself, BUT in contact with other people. That’s the way of Tantra. Only, when I am courageous and willing to risk, only than I will progress on this journey. Because Tantra is certainly about expanding your inner restrictions and if they are useless to overcome them.

To open yourself and to become more like you are meant to be. And much of what scares you on this path is nothing else then the fear of the unknown. Anyone offering tantric massages, should be someone, who already walked this path for some time. At least started walking it already. It is always about connection and expansion.

The path an experienced Tantric has walked is the space one can open for other people e.g. in a Tantra-Massage. It may be about sexuality, but it also may be about love, trust and devotion. That will become obvious very easily – if you have the courage to look at it. In most cases a Tantra-Massage will be given from the masseur to the recipient.

So there will be no mutual exchange.. But also there the true Tantra knows no fixed rules. In that sense may be challenging concerning the Tantra-Massage in the commercial context. Because most institutes will set their own rules, to differentiate from prostitution. And that can be reasonable and absolutely in accordance with Tantra.

So it is important to contact your Tantra-Masseur before the massage and talk about what you want and do not want. Be upfront and honest, so that the massage will be a good and true Tantra-Massage. About the Tantra-Sessions. While a Tantra-Massage is only about the tantric experience, a Tantra-Session will offer another space, in which you can work on a specific topic.

Not many Tantric will offer those settings, because this will go so much more deeply as “only” a Tantra-Massage – by which I donot want to devaluate the tantric massages. But while you have to do nothing when receiving a Tantra-Massage, except enjoying and experiencing, a Tantra-Session is only possible with your active participation. With exercises, rituals or talks. Mostly a Tantra-Session will have a well-balanced mixture of that. So – I hope, that I gave you a good overview and if you have any questions please to not hesitate to contact us. With Love, Dirk Liesenfeld.